Tiny Mail

What is Tinymail

The smallest kind of mail is tiny. Tiny Mail was an idea I had that involved setting up quick email addresses to use as forwarders to your real email address. Under this service, you could simply get an @tinymail address and not have to worry about spam or anything, as you could just cancel the email service at anytime.

This was an attempt to generalize the previous idea of ‘Branded Business Email”. It was a cool idea, and even today, 10 years later – It still seems like there are plenty of businesses that do not use proper domain based email addresses.

Computer generated 3D photo rendering.
Computer generated 3D photo rendering.

Still No Email

YES, so many companies still advertise their email addresses as being an @hotmail.com or an @gmail.com or @outlook.com. How is this allowed to oneself hoping to operate a serious business? Even before I thought of pursuing any sort of business, I wanted to have the appeal of a real email address. Heck, it almost was the legitimizing boost I needed to inspire the pursuit of new business. Tiny Mail Email Forwarding Service

No Ads – No Takers

I suspect half of the problem was always a lack of advertising. Every good (or bad) idea starts as a thought. That thought must be shared in order to catch on. Advertising is desperately needed to feed oxygen to the flames of your idea. Plenty can be done via free methods, but the reach of this is slight. Spend a little on ads. If I could send a message in a bottle to the past, I might offer that as advice.