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Lab Grown Diamonds | For Better (Or Worse?)

Lab Created Gems/Diamonds History of the Process of Man Made Precious Stones Lab created or ‘grown’ diamonds can also be referred to as “Man Made Diamonds” and are precious stones that are engineered in a controlled laboratory environment. This is done using a process that mimics the natural conditions that we have always known to develop Diamonds. I don’t know about you but that is amazing to me. Let’s learn some more below. Diamonds normally form in the mantle of the Earth which is just below the Earth’s crust. The lab created diamonds contain carbon atoms that are organized in

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The Jewellers Review

The great wide web is filled with opinions and reviews. Jewelry retailers and jewelry stores among the bunch being reviewed. I wonder how many opinion sites that you have come across during your travels on the web. A road trip you take from a single chair, but that can take you anywhere. During my adventure, one jewelry reviewer actually seemed to have their head on straight. Here’s what I found: Whether you’re in Montreal, Quebec or New York City, NY, there’s a pair of sites that exist in the realm of Jewelry that ought to help you make the most

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