Woodbury, Minnesota Dog Walker & Pet Sitter (2020 New!)

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The Best Pet Care in Woodbury, Minnesota

One of the most popular suburbs of St. Paul is Woodbury, Minnesota. This community is a wonderful place for families with pets. With all of the great stuff about Woodbury, one often overlooked aspect is the great local industry of pet care service providers.

Pet care services are those individuals and companies that add a great level of convenience to folk’s lives in Woodbury by allowing them to save time. When a husband or wife is caught up in the hustle bustle of their work life, they may need a hand when it comes to taking care of the family dog or cat.

The Commute to St. Paul

Everyday pet needs like pet sitting or dog walking can be taken care of by a great many of the pet care service providers in Woodbury, such as Christine’s Professional Pet Care. This great company is pretty new to the scene, but their love of dogs and pets is clear as day.

When you check out their services, you can tell just by the detail that they are really going to take care of your furry friends as if they were their own!

Keeping up with Christine’s Pet Care Service Offerings:

Pet Sitting in Woodbury is just another day in the park for Christine’s Professional Pet Care. Literally!

Thanks to the abundance of family areas and parks etc in this find Minnesota town, pet sitters and dog walkers alike have the local ability to take these animals to a variety of places to play and expel their energies.

The services offered by this hand pro pet care service near you are:

  1. Dog Sitting / Pet Sitting
  2. Dog Walking
  3. Dog Boarding
  4. Hiking and trail excursions (Way more than just a walk in the park)

This is clearly the main services, and by no means a limitation of options. It does look like there’s a great deal of flexibility in what Christine’s has to offer her potential new animal friends. It’s always worth a conversation to discuss your needs – And those of your owners too!

Christine's professional pet care woodbury MN

Community Features in Town:

Woodbury covers a lot of territory and has a lot to offer your pets while they are under the care of a pet care service. There’s places to visit like the Dale Road Park, called ‘Andy’s Bark Park’ – Which is a huge dog park – 70 acres or so where you are free to run and roam.

Andys bark park
Andy’s Bark Park – Credit woodburymn.gov

There’s also a couple really good pet stores to visit if you need any goodies. You can check out Pet Evolution, and of course PetsMart.

Other beautiful parks include our very own Central Park, and it’s close kin Carver Lake, which has a nice and relaxing vibe to it. You almost forget that you’re not too far from one of the biggest cities in Minnesota!

The HealthEast Sports Center is also quite the complex. I cannot recall if we are allowed to take our dogs for a walk there, or if this is more of a deliberate sports facility: Like soccer, baseball etc. But it’s still worth a look around.

Woodbury Minnesota Sign
The sign for our town.. Credit: Unknown – let me know!

Other Places to Find Woodbury Pet Sitters

There’s several classical ways that you could go about finding a new pet sitter for yourself in Woodbury. This Yelp Page seems to contain a lot of the local companies that can help, and Yelp is pretty good at keep listings up to date so that you’re sure you’re not going to be wasting your time.

Sometimes I find that Google can display older results that aren’t relevant anymore as people have closed down their pet care or pet services business but have left their websites up for longer than needed. Time to get the pooper scooper out, Google!

Kennel Directory Perhaps

You can also check out the Kennel Directory website, as it is a growing database of pet care service providers in Woodbury (well, everywhere really), but is great at locating the pet sitters or dog walkers in your immediate area.

From there you can zoom out to find more that are slightly farther away if you haven’t yet found what you’re looking for.

kennel directory logo for Minnesota

A Short Video on Woodbury, MN

Here’s a great breakdown of some of the great aspects of life in Woodbury. It was created by Family Circle Magazine. No relation or affiliation.

I never realized exactly what a nice neighborhood we have in Woodbury, MN, and I hope it stays that way. I hope you’ve found some enjoyable info in this page,.