I Didn’t Know How Important Forklift Training Was. Until I Did.

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In my twenty years of operating a forklift, I had to do training every two years. That means I have done 10 rounds of forklift training. You think I’d be upset or irritated at the high frequency of safety training, but I am not. I am happy about it.

The Grade 11 English Class Version of Forklift Training in Ontario

WHO: Who needs to receive workplace safety training, specifically forklift training?

Any employee who will operate a forklift in the workplace in Ontario needs to receive forklift training. This includes both new employees who have not operated a forklift before and experienced operators who need refresher training.

WHERE: Where should forklift training take place?

Forklift training should take place in a location that is safe and appropriate for training, away from pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The training should be conducted in a designated area that has ample space for practical training. It is helpful if there are already forklifts present at the location.

WHAT: What topics should be covered in forklift training?

Forklift training in Ontario workplaces should cover a range of topics, including:

  • Safe operating procedures and practices
  • Forklift inspection and maintenance
  • Load capacity and stability
  • Operating on inclines and uneven surfaces
  • Pedestrian safety and communication
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Emergency procedures
Female Fork Lift Truck Driver Working In Factory
Female Fork Lift Truck Driver Working In Factory

WHEN: When should forklift training be conducted?

Forklift training should be conducted when an employee is hired and prior to their operating a forklift in the workplace. Refresher training should be conducted periodically, typically every three years or as needed, such as after an accident or near-miss incident.

WHY: Why is forklift training important?

Forklift training is important for several reasons:

  • To prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace
  • To ensure compliance with local laws and regulations
  • To minimize damage to property and equipment
  • To protect the safety of both forklift operators and pedestrians in the workplace

HOW: How should forklift training be conducted?

Forklift training can be conducted through a combination of classroom instruction and practical training with reputable instructors like Alternative Safety Solutions in Brant County, Ontario. Classroom instruction should cover the theoretical aspects of forklift operation, while practical training should provide hands-on experience with operating a forklift in a safe and controlled environment. The training should be conducted by a qualified and experienced trainer and should be tailored to the specific needs of the workplace and the forklift being used.

You can also conduct portions of your training course online: Online Forklift Training Course.

Training Conclusions

Though it may seem redundant to have such a high frequency of forklift training and refresher courses, if you’ve ever been in a workplace that has experienced forklift operators you will know why. It is too easy to get complacent and allow the training to drift from your mind. I remember a couple times where I fell asleep while at the controls of a forklift. Not good!

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