Affordable Wedding Caterers? (Yes They Do Exist)

Barn and Country Catering

Belleville, Ontario and Stirling, Ontario Wedding Catering Services

What’s it like to have the wedding of your dreams Belleville? What’s it like to have your family from around the country side come to your big special day, Stirling, Ontario?

I’ve found that if you really want to have an epic wedding, you need to have epic food. Epic catering, and super service. Most people easily remember the day for the people. The bride and the groom… And typically, not much else. It’s a wedding, not a memory test, after all.

Check out this brief video montage from a recent wedding in Stirling, Ontario by Barn and Country Catering

However, for the wedding catering, it would stand to reason that if you could hire a Belleville or Stirling, Ontario based caterer with remarkable skills behind the grill – You could set yourself apart and give your attendees something truly different and exceptional to remember.

Food is culture, and food is family. Bringing family and food together at your wedding is a long time tradition. Not just in the Hastings county area, nor just the Belleville Ontario area – But across western civilization and beyond. Friends, family and food. It’s human nature.

The Best Catering in Hastings County

From personal experience, I’d give more than my vote to Barn and Country Catering, I’d give them my first born daughter! That’s saying a lot, and heck it wouldn’t be the worst thing to join up with a family who’s dedicated their lives to feeding the Stirling and Belleville area for all their special events, including weddings, corporate events, and other such nifty family gatherings.

(if you stumbled upon this post, but are more so looking for a corporate caterer, you can check out this site:

Hastings county is blessed with several great catering companies, but this Barn and Country has now set a new gold standard for what normal catering CAN be, as well as a new standard for what wedding catering SHOULD be for any new bride and groom.

Variety of Main Course Wedding Meals

From my very exact memory, I do recall many weddings had pretty static offerings. Their catering menus were simple a Chinese food menu of option A, B, or C… This isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, but to have a little more flexibility in my wedding food options, I would think that a wise offering for any of these local catering businesses… (Check out how you can customize an almost infinite variety of wedding meals – Catering Menu Here)

Belleville and Stirling area food connoisseurs, do you hear me!

Infinite wedding menu options is more to the point of what we’d like to see for our big special day. This is exactly how Barn and Country has opted to deliver their meals. A wide selection of savory main courses, as well as a delectable variety of sides, salads and desserts – I cannot go wrong.

I may even opt to triple down on a good chicken Caesar salad… Throw in some real bacon bits, and I’m good.

I could eat THIS ALL DAY.

Barn and Country Catering

Do You Remember Your Wedding Caterer? How’d They Do?

Do you ever think back to what kind of food you had on your wedding day? Was it something very generic and non-specific that you cannot quite recall what it was? I know a lot of people have this problem…

They’re like “Yeah, I had some of this, and some of that”, and with that they list off a few of the very common elements of any good old fashioned country meal:

  • Some type of meat, usually steak or chicken
  • a salad
  • some random pies and desserts
  • vegetables
  • wine, and lots of wine

This is not to take away from these fine foods, but you’ve got to imagine stepping it up a notch to where the flavor left in your mouth after the wedding and ceremony are over are almost as mouth watering and tantalizing as the day you married the love of your life.

Barn for weddings

That’s the goal with Barn and Country. At least I think it is – That’s what they led me to do with the two country weddings I’ve been to in which they were the caterers.

One was in Belleville at a hall, and the other wedding where Barn and Country were the caterers was in Stirling Ontario, just outside of town (it’s all country in that town anyways haha)… But the rustic barn setting and the atmosphere were perfect for the occasion.

Barn and Country Catering just made everything THAT much better. I will remember forever.