Adult Swimming Lessons (GTA Version 2020)

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Adult Swimming Lessons

We are not born knowing how to swim. And, for humans, it’s not something that comes naturally. Whether you remember it or not, if you are an adult and you know how to swim, it means that at some point you were taught.

Understanding this basic, seemingly obvious, truth is important for the large number of adults who are unduly embarrassed by the fact that they do now know how to swim.

There is nothing embarrassing about not knowing how to swim. If you wanted to learn how to play the piano you wouldn’t be embarrassed by taking piano lessons, would you? Well, there is nothing more “natural” about piano than there is about proper swimming technique and ability.

If you’re not embarrassed by one, then you shouldn’t be by the other. And that is the point! And so begins the cycle of adult swimming lessons in Toronto and Mississauga…

Having the courage to step out of your comfort zone and to learn something new, something that can improve not only your health and safety but also your wellbeing, that is something to be proud of.

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Swim as an Adult?

Thankfully, unlike playing the piano, it doesn’t take very long to learn how to swim. While the average amount of time varies depending on fitness level, age, and how frequently you take swimming lessons, a good estimate is that it will probably require about 20 solid hours of training in the water for you to learn all the basics of swimming.

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In 20 hours, you can easily learn various swimming styles and techniques such as how to freestyle, breaststroke, manage your breathing and kicking, and, most importantly, not panic in the water.

Being Afraid Of The Water

For some, the fear of water can be a major debilitating factor. But an irrational fear is no good reason not to learn, it just means you will need to take it slow and expect your progress to be more gradual than the average person. There is no better way to conquer your fear of the water than by learning how to swim.

Before Your First Swim Lesson

If, like any class, you want to show up to your first swimming lesson prepared, here are a few things you should do.

Get A Good Bathing Suit

While you are learning to swim, forget about fashion. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive, just get a suit that fits well and which, if you’re a guy, ties in the front so that it won’t fall off when you jump in the water. Another little tip: avoid the colour white, depending on the lining, many white bathing suits can end up being see-through.

Get Some Good Goggles

Bad goggles or worse, no goggles, can spoil an otherwise productive swim lesson. You want to show up on your first day of swim lessons with a good pair of goggles that cover your eyes, but not your nose, and which won’t fill up with water when you dip your head in. If possible you should try them on in the store or do some online research.

Get A Good Swim Cap

A good swim cap is critical for women. Men, however, may like them too. Swim caps not only protect your hair from chlorine, they also make you faster and more streamlined in the water.

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Get Comfortable In The Water

First things first, you have to be comfortable in the water. One of the most important things when it comes to being comfortable is getting used to submerging your head under underwater.

You are going to want to take this slow. Start by simply bobbing your head up and down in the water, then put on some goggles and fully submerge yourself and, once you’re okay with that, you should be good to go.

Things To Remember

Jump In

The first step in learning anything new is deciding that you are going to stick it out. As enjoyable and easy as adult swim lessons can be, there are certainly still going to be some aspects of the class which put you outside of your comfort zone, you should know that going in and should make a commitment to yourself to stick with it even if you’d rather quit.

You Are Not Alone

More adults can’t swim than you may think. While a recent survey by the American Red Cross states that 80% of adults claim they can swim, only 50% know all of the basics. In other words, the 80% may be able to keep themselves from drowning if, for instance, they were to slip and fall into a pool. But they wouldn’t be able to make it across a full Olympic-size swimming pool.

Don’t Be Scared

A phobia is an irrational fear. That is what it is to be afraid of the water. There are some things, many even, which it makes sense to be afraid of, but fear of the water to the point where you refuse even to learn how to swim is counterproductive and, potentially, dangerous.

If anything, it makes far more sense to be afraid of NOT knowing how to swim!

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Many new swimmers tense up and elevate their heart rates. One of the most important early lessons you can learn is to try and relax. Yes, that can be easier said than done, but by controlling your breathing and staying the present you can at least start on the journey to relaxing in the water.

Maybe Invest In Fins?

Swim fins can be a great accessory when you are learning how to freestyle swim because they enable you to focus on the upper body mechanics of your swim strokes and worry about learning how to kick properly later.


Practice makes perfect. Nothing new here, you can’t learn to swim if you aren’t willing to practice, and the less you are willing to practice the longer it will take to learn. So don’t procrastinate! Get in the water, at least, a few times a week until you are genuinely confident that you know what you’re doing.

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