Find the Ceiling Help You Need in Etobicoke (GTA)

Another Day in Etobicoke

Looks like another day of steady traffic on the 401 in Etobicoke! We come by this way when we’re going to the chiropractor. Just like a chiropractor is well suited to fixing the foundation of my spine, the Ceiling Champions are equally well suited to fixing the ceiling in my Etobicoke home, and making it stucco free. Just like the way mamma intended it to be!

If you’re a local patron of the GTA, and you need work done in any of the rooms in your house, you can find the Champs on West Mall road in unit 207.

Etobicoke Ceiling Champions

Factors that lead to making Ceiling Champions an easy decision:

  • Free quotes in advance of the ceiling repair job
  • Speedy arrival and fast working
  • Clean and secured process
  • Smooth Ceilings like never before

Help for Ceiling Repair

There’s plenty of guides online for how to remove popcorn ceiling or stucco ceiling yourself, so we’ll avoid going into detail on that or provide yet another step by step guide to trying yourself.

Sometimes when it comes to home renovations, you may be much better off to just hire someone to do the job for you. I’ve said it a million time, I COULD change the oil in my car, but I’d rather give a professional $30 to take care of it for me in less time, no mess, and a guarantee that things are done right.

Stucco in the GTA

That’s exactly what you’re looking at when you need ceiling repair in Etobicoke, or any type of stucco removal. Stucco is a wretched remnant from a bygone time, and many homes that were built in Etobicoke in this time period are in a sad state of need of popcorn ceiling removal.

Construction worker/Builder with tools. Isolated on white background

It’s not the end of the world to keep it there, but it does put unnecessary stress on your ceiling and the joists above… Plus it looks rather old school.

To source your professionals for this type of drywall and stucco work, you can check out the Renovation Directory’s category on drywall and stucco.

If you’re having trouble using the Renovation Directory, you can also check out Homestars and Yelp. These two sites are become amazing resources for finding local professionals. Yelp is no longer just for professionals after all!

Quick map to find Ceiling Champions if you’re even lazier than I am:

The Jewelers Review

The great wide web is filled with opinions and reviews. Jewelry retailers and jewelry stores among the bunch being reviewed.

I wonder how many opinion sites that you have come across during your travels on the web. A road trip you take from a single chair, but that can take you anywhere.

During my adventure, one jewelry reviewer actually seemed to have their head on straight. Here’s what I found:

Whether you’re in Montreal, Quebec or New York City, NY, there’s a pair of sites that exist in the realm of Jewelry that ought to help you make the most of the mindless drivel that you shall encounter online.

Check out these nice sites as the author certainly gives you something to think about:

Give it a shot and leave a comment or let me know what you think.

Affordable Wedding Caterers? (Yes They Do Exist)

Belleville, Ontario and Stirling, Ontario Wedding Catering Services

What’s it like to have the wedding of your dreams Belleville? What’s it like to have your family from around the country side come to your big special day, Stirling, Ontario?

I’ve found that if you really want to have an epic wedding, you need to have epic food. Epic catering, and super service. Most people easily remember the day for the people. The bride and the groom… And typically, not much else. It’s a wedding, not a memory test, after all.

Check out this brief video montage from a recent wedding in Stirling, Ontario by Barn and Country Catering

However, for the wedding catering, it would stand to reason that if you could hire a Belleville or Stirling, Ontario based caterer with remarkable skills behind the grill – You could set yourself apart and give your attendees something truly different and exceptional to remember.

Food is culture, and food is family. Bringing family and food together at your wedding is a long time tradition. Not just in the Hastings county area, nor just the Belleville Ontario area – But across western civilization and beyond. Friends, family and food. It’s human nature.

The Best Catering in Hastings County

From personal experience, I’d give more than my vote to Barn and Country Catering, I’d give them my first born daughter! That’s saying a lot, and heck it wouldn’t be the worst thing to join up with a family who’s dedicated their lives to feeding the Stirling and Belleville area for all their special events, including weddings, corporate events, and other such nifty family gatherings.

(if you stumbled upon this post, but are more so looking for a corporate caterer, you can check out this site:

Hastings county is blessed with several great catering companies, but this Barn and Country has now set a new gold standard for what normal catering CAN be, as well as a new standard for what wedding catering SHOULD be for any new bride and groom.

Variety of Main Course Wedding Meals

From my very exact memory, I do recall many weddings had pretty static offerings. Their catering menus were simple a Chinese food menu of option A, B, or C… This isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, but to have a little more flexibility in my wedding food options, I would think that a wise offering for any of these local catering businesses… (Check out how you can customize an almost infinite variety of wedding meals – Catering Menu Here)

Belleville and Stirling area food connoisseurs, do you hear me!

Infinite wedding menu options is more to the point of what we’d like to see for our big special day. This is exactly how Barn and Country has opted to deliver their meals. A wide selection of savory main courses, as well as a delectable variety of sides, salads and desserts – I cannot go wrong.

I may even opt to triple down on a good chicken Caesar salad… Throw in some real bacon bits, and I’m good.

I could eat THIS ALL DAY.

Do You Remember Your Wedding Caterer? How’d They Do?

Do you ever think back to what kind of food you had on your wedding day? Was it something very generic and non-specific that you cannot quite recall what it was? I know a lot of people have this problem…

They’re like “Yeah, I had some of this, and some of that”, and with that they list off a few of the very common elements of any good old fashioned country meal:

  • Some type of meat, usually steak or chicken
  • a salad
  • some random pies and desserts
  • vegetables
  • wine, and lots of wine

This is not to take away from these fine foods, but you’ve got to imagine stepping it up a notch to where the flavor left in your mouth after the wedding and ceremony are over are almost as mouth watering and tantalizing as the day you married the love of your life.

Barn for weddings

That’s the goal with Barn and Country. At least I think it is – That’s what they led me to do with the two country weddings I’ve been to in which they were the caterers.

One was in Belleville at a hall, and the other wedding where Barn and Country were the caterers was in Stirling Ontario, just outside of town (it’s all country in that town anyways haha)… But the rustic barn setting and the atmosphere were perfect for the occasion.

Barn and Country Catering just made everything THAT much better. I will remember forever.


Ontario Barn & Farm Painters {Updated}

Growing up on an Ontario Farm

I grew up on a farm. There were a couple barns on the farm, as well as scattered farm equipment. All of which needed some serious TLC. When you envision a farm that has remained stagnant for over 100 years, that’s exactly the image I want to put in your brain when you think of my childhood farm.

It wasn’t pretty, but I didn’t know any better at the time. When you’re growing up, your environment is what it is, and you love it. Farm, city, town, countryside – Wherever you grow up, that is home, and it’s typically perfect. FOR YOU.

red nice barn fresh paint green roof

Things I Would Fix on the Farm (Oi, the Barns!)

Now that I’m feeling retrospective on my childhood, let’s pretend I could go back to the old farm in southern Ontario and fix up a few things.

What would they be?

  • The big wooden barn, it needs to be repaired and painting. Big time
  • All of the farm equipment needs fresh coats of strong paint. Even the tractor (That wasn’t THAT old) could use a new coat of John Deere green.
  • Farm outbuildings – Some of the smaller sheds were slanted and also in need of paint and repair. Even a couple cans of paint would be amazing.
  • The barn roof needs painting, but it’s steel. However I think that’s doable.

Those are the immediate elements of the old farm that feel like they could use a ‘once over’… Perhaps a ‘twice over’ in some instances lol.

Hamilton, Ontario Barns Farms

Is Barn Painting Service Even a Thing? (It would seem so)

In yet another astonishing discover, I see that there are huge markets for services in very niche areas. Barn painting and farm painting, for example, offers a wide enough marketplace to sustain multiple full time painters in the Southern Ontario region.

That’s remarkable. I think to my own business and see that it has a high saturation but also a giant market. I can see that. I’m just shocked because growing up on the farm, and later in a small town, you don’t see it.

Take a Drive Down a Country Road

This is where you will see the true market for these barn painters. A concession is what the country roads are typically called. That, or a ‘line’. Travel down any of these long straight roads linking together the web of our Ontario and you see barn after barn on farms, big and small.

Many have consolidated into larger entities, but they still require love and care.

The farm buildings that shelter tractors and livestock are here to stay. Re-boarding and repainting are a super way to give them extra life. In regards to paint, it’s not just about the application of color. Many of these agricultural paints have durability factors that offer increased protection to the barn from external forces of nature. Thereby protecting, and prolonging the investment.

Very nice rustic barn pre paint
A barn in a field during a beautiful sunset in Kitchener/Waterloo

Painting Services for Barns, Tractors/Equipment and Farms:

Ray Stewart Barn Painting is a third generation farming painting service and they cover all over southern Ontario, including Hamilton, and Kitchener Waterloo areas. Never have you met or talked to a nicer fellow, and more responsive business owner in the agricultural services.

They are farmers too after all, so they know just what it takes to paint it right, and make it last. John Deere green, it’s only the beginning :)

cartoon style tractor

There are plenty of great sources available for farm maintenance equipment. View a few examples here:

  1. Ace Hardware Wood Supplies
  2. Canadian Farm Supply
  3. Southern Ontario Coops

Richmond Hill Concrete Driveway Reviews

Richmond Hill Concrete

I Loved This Concrete Contractor’s Work:

Prestige Concrete Inc in Richmond Hill does amazing work with concrete. Beyond simple asphalt and flat concrete, what Prestige does is pattern concrete and stamped designs. They also seal the driveway to make it durable for years to come.

I am greatly impressed by the idea of ‘making things last longer’ which is why I’ve opted to simply point to Prestige’s testimonial/review page. From the many local (Richmond Hill, Vaughan, York region) customers they’ve served you get a great sense of the service they proved.

It’s important to note that NOTHING says more than the ability to accumulate reviews. It takes a lot of dedicated effort on the writer’s behalf to sit down and type something out relating to a service/product they’ve received.

Here’s the link to Prestige Concrete’s Review Page

Prestige is based in Richmond Hill, but by the sounds of it, they’re definitely happy to travel roughly within the GTA, giving a wide area of concrete driveways to service with stripping, resealing, and resurfacing. It’s a wonderful day to renew your vehicle’s bed rock :)

Example Review from Prestige’s page:

“It was a good experience that I hired Prestige Concrete to do my front yard patio. Nick and his team worked hard to deliver what I wanted. They made the concrete patio match perfect with my flower bed. They Finished the job in just a few days. They made my front yard curb so appealing. They really did a great job!”
Susanna Lau, Aurora

Prestige Concrete Inc is great, and they are more focused in the Vaughan/Richmond Hill area of Ontario. If you’re in this area of Southern Ontario, that’s great, you can get in touch with Nick and have him and his crew check out your driveway, or your porch to see if there’s any special concrete work that could be done to take them to the next level.

Closeup portrait of a man`s and woman`s legs during a date

In the Oakville Burlington and Hamilton Area?

Need Driveway Sealing?

Just south of the above mentioned area, we find the southern tip of the Golden Horse shoe with the juggernaut area of Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton where we see a variety of home styles and driveway styles – All involving concrete and pavement in a variety of mixtures and styles.

Canadian Concrete Sealing is a traveling concrete and driveway contractor who would love to take care of your Hamilton situation. The goal of CAN-SEAL is to become your go-to guy for annual or semi-annual sealing of your driveway. Concrete sealing can be a tough gig, so hiring a local professional can be a great time saver for you and lead to a prolonged return on the visible value of your investment.

Check out what Willy can do for your driveway and home in the Hamilton area – Canadian Concrete Sealing

Remember to describe your current setup so that any concrete contractor coming to visit your home – Whether in the Burlington or Oakville area, he can be sure to come properly equipped to tackle your specific situation.

Mobile First Index by Google – Ouch for Some?

mobile first index

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Just a friendly reminder that Google is going to be creating a ‘MOBILE FIRST’ search index.

What does this mean?

It means that now, more than ever, having a mobile friendly site is super important.

If your site ISN’T mobile friendly, you could end up being penalized (show up lower or not at all) in Google search results, yikes!

If you haven’t thought about creating a mobile friendly site, it’s definitely time to consider it.

More on Mobile First

Read THIS ARTICLE on this new ‘mobile first’ index to learn more.

Talk to me about your options and what I can do to help.

We can discuss factors that can lead to a more successful website, and a more successful 2017, including:
Mobile site creation/modification
Mobile optimization
Local optimization (more on this later!)
Directory listing claims
and so much more
Happy New Year, and remember, I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Still haven’t upgraded your site to SSL? It’s good for security AND search ranking – See more here.

Mortgage Brokers

Find a Mortgage Brokers

The term “mortgage broker” is something that all have heard of but very few understand what he actually does.

Mortgage brokers refer to a middleman between the borrower and the bank or lender. They will be working directly with the consumer as well as the bank. Their job is to help the borrowers to qualify for a mortgage. It does not matter whether it is a purchase mortgage or it is a refinance scheme.

View the Mortgage Brokers Directory

Hence the mortgage brokers are the liaison between both these important entities. While the borrower will be on the retail side, the bank will be on the wholesale side.


Working Of Mortgage Broker

The borrower has to contact the mortgage broker. Now the broker will get into the job of gathering important information. This would include documentation regarding the income, asset, as well as employment of the borrower. A credit report will also be required in order to assess the ability of the borrower to obtain financing.

Once all these important details have been collected, the mortgage brokers can determine what will be the best deal for the borrower. This would include setting up of an appropriate loan amount, in addition to loan-to-value. Even the loan type will have to be determined.


Once all these details have been worked out, the mortgage broker has to submit the application loan to a lender with whom he works in order to gain approval.  During this entire loan approval process, the broker will have to communicate both the bank as well as the borrower in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

This means that using mortgage brokers will ensure that you do not have to work directly with the bank. This is because all correspondence will be funneled through this broker.

Here these brokers will be making money by charging the borrower a loan origination fee along with broker fees that are paid upfront.

There can also be no cost loans in which a lender credit is made use of. This will effectively raise the interest rate of the borrower, while other out-of-pocket costs get eliminated.


Borrowers can pay all these costs either at closing or by paying a higher interest rate. You need to tell your broker to discuss both these options clearly before proceeding any further.

You must discuss all the charges before you agree to work with any mortgage broker.

After all the paperwork has been done, the mortgage brokers will be work on behalf of the borrower in order to find the best mortgage rates that are available in the market. This is because they will shop with numerous banks as well as lenders simultaneously in order to find the lowest rate possible for your specific situation. Hence you need to ask your broker to look for multiple quotes from as many lenders as it is possible for them. After all, they are your loan guide. They will be working with the borrowers throughout this loan process until the deal gets closed.


Tiny Mail

What is Tinymail

The smallest kind of mail is tiny. Tiny Mail was an idea I had that involved setting up quick email addresses to use as forwarders to your real email address. Under this service, you could simply get an @tinymail address and not have to worry about spam or anything, as you could just cancel the email service at anytime.

This was an attempt to generalize the previous idea of ‘Branded Business Email”. It was a cool idea, and even today, 10 years later – It still seems like there are plenty of businesses that do not use proper domain based email addresses.

Computer generated 3D photo rendering.
Computer generated 3D photo rendering.

Still No Email

YES, so many companies still advertise their email addresses as being an or an or How is this allowed to oneself hoping to operate a serious business? Even before I thought of pursuing any sort of business, I wanted to have the appeal of a real email address. Heck, it almost was the legitimizing boost I needed to inspire the pursuit of new business. Tiny Mail Email Forwarding Service

No Ads – No Takers

I suspect half of the problem was always a lack of advertising. Every good (or bad) idea starts as a thought. That thought must be shared in order to catch on. Advertising is desperately needed to feed oxygen to the flames of your idea. Plenty can be done via free methods, but the reach of this is slight. Spend a little on ads. If I could send a message in a bottle to the past, I might offer that as advice.

Ontario Services

A Fellow Must Speak His Own Name

Watch Topics Shift, in a Hurry

The crazy web may turn out to be a whole lot less complex than imagined. What if there was not millions of creators, but only a few thousand. What if we are just in the relative period of the internet, similar to early TV and Radio? In the early times of these mediums, the variety of players was unreal.


The Early Days

Early radio was chaos with everyone competing for the same frequencies. Your impact was equivalent to your signal strength. Once it was discovered the influencing power of radio, it was only a matter of time before consolidation took place. The same occurred in Ontario, Canada.

Television in Ontario perhaps similarly developed with localized content creation all over the map. With TV showing twice the promise of radio, the consolidation repeated on screen as it did over the air waves.

Here We Are Internet

The internet, in Ontario, and across the world comes from the collective minds of us all. We are prone to think this different than all that came before. We should realize it is not different, and is subject to – or already has – been subjected to consolidation that would take advantage of access and publishing rights.

We see it creeping up in issues like the TPP which is too much to go into detail here, but is a clear attempt to put more power into fewer hands, as if that power were any true danger in the first place.

Ontario Services and Business

Freedom on the Ground, Air, and Screen

I can’t fathom the concern, the worry that exists behind the minds of those that seek to impose their will upon us. They have more than all, and yet our tiny whispers trigger alarms on high. Most are elderly and maybe that’s why they don’t understand. The gravity of freedom makes it unavoidable. The chaos we see is that gravity hitting the wall. It will break through.

One of the Firsts

Ad Click Rev

One of my first adventures into CM (Content Marketing)

I still remember just learning how to use the CMS Joomla. It was version 1.5 and I was in love with the possibilities. Extensions for Joomla allowed you to get super creative with what you could do with a website, and with relatively little coding experience. Though styling tweaks required me to learn CSS along the way, I don’t mind as that’s a timeless skill.

For all that has come and gone, Ad Click Rev remains now as my true AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) experiment to compare results versus similar content on a non AMP page.

ad click revenueNow that it’s coded in straight HTML, it is a little more bulletproof than it’s predecessor. I think I’m happy about this, as it again requires a refresher of some of the basic skills that hoisted the internet out of it’s primordial ooze and into the public mind. Take a peek!