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Getting the latest news on any subject seems to be of grave importance these days. Gone are the times of waiting 24 hours for the next news cycle to being. Newspapers delivered to the front door, and evening news casts with a little bit of fluff to keep things light amidst the tragedy of the world.

Important News is a site detailing the current and honest affairs of the Southern Ontario Community. Many relevant and real businesses are constantly seeking your attention and the best way to do this, is to hop on and read along! Cheers from everyone at Important News, and!

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A Bunch of Bloggers

I’m dabbling in many different blogs at the moment. I know initially that sounds like I’m reading a bunch of blogs, but that is not exactly what I mean. When I say I’m dabbling, I mean I am writing and contributing to them.

I enjoy blogger’s platform for it’s simplicity and ease of use. This makes it really convenient for adding decent content in a hurry. There used to be a great blogging tool for search purposes, but it has since close. I believe it was called BLOG.DE. Which makes me think it was from some European country but it served it’s purpose very well. For whatever reason, any site that branched off of that blog site got a nice boost in terms of their result ranking.

peekatune notes

Here’s a couple of the blogs I’m feeling at the moment.

Clear Browse

Bidderz Blogger

Awkward Alien

Web Developer Deals

Links and Snuff


Peekatune was once a very prized possession. It was an online music site for bands of any nature to post and upload their music. For a time, it almost seemed like it had some energy behind it that it could be a viable hobby with income potential. Then the focus of life started leaving less and less time for hobbies, especially when there was real silk out there to weave. By weaving silk, I of course, mean, making money in more immediate and lucrative manners :)

View the remnants of the shattered empire of Peekatune Music!


Cloud Service

Cloud Services is NOT as it’s name suggests. This website has nothing at all to do with cloud based services. Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive are true Cloud Services that allow you to save your documents to an online storage drive so that you can access them from anywhere.

The Cloud Services website really just details a few local businesses who are striving for a foothold in the world. It’s funny the lengths we go through to get registered on the internet, but really if you think about it – It is quite a big place and one must speak up to be noticed, and this is how you do it. View the Cloud Services Website Here.

We are driving to Hagersville right now. Well, to be accurate, we are driving through Hagersville on our way to Hamilton. We need to get a swim suit for Brooke.


Canadian Beer Fan

No Shortage of Services

All sorts of links and goodies related to local services. I’ve owned this particular domain for several years, and never really did anything with it beyond house an email address for a coworker who couldn’t figure out his own ISP mail.

To be honest, no one should really use their ISP for email. Unless it’s Rogers or Bell – Any other little company will eventually be gobbled up by these two anyways.

My preference is to always recommend people to sign up for a Gmail or Outlook. You can access it from ANYWHERE and ANY DEVICE. That is convenience you can’t get from an ISP. Listen to me, I do pretend to know what I am talking about.

Canadian Beer Fan – Because, well, why not?


I’ve actually used the site Canadian Beer Fan for a great variety of purposes. It’s good for those random articles that really have no bearing in real life, but god bless them anyways.