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A Fellow Must Speak His Own Name

Watch Topics Shift, in a Hurry

The crazy web may turn out to be a whole lot less complex than imagined. What if there was not millions of creators, but only a few thousand. What if we are just in the relative period of the internet, similar to early TV and Radio? In the early times of these mediums, the variety of players was unreal.

Dial up Windows

The Early Days

Early radio was chaos with everyone competing for the same frequencies. Your impact was equivalent to your signal strength. Once it was discovered the influencing power of radio, it was only a matter of time before consolidation took place. The same occurred in Ontario, Canada.

Television in Ontario perhaps similarly developed with localized content creation all over the map. With TV showing twice the promise of radio, the consolidation repeated on screen as it did over the air waves.

Here We Are Internet

The internet, in Ontario, and across the world comes from the collective minds of us all. We are prone to think this different than all that came before. We should realize it is not different, and is subject to – or already has – been subjected to consolidation that would take advantage of access and publishing rights.

We see it creeping up in issues like the TPP which is too much to go into detail here, but is a clear attempt to put more power into fewer hands, as if that power were any true danger in the first place.

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Freedom on the Ground, Air, and Screen

I can’t fathom the concern, the worry that exists behind the minds of those that seek to impose their will upon us. They have more than all, and yet our tiny whispers trigger alarms on high. Most are elderly and maybe that’s why they don’t understand. The gravity of freedom makes it unavoidable. The chaos we see is that gravity hitting the wall. It will break through.