One of the Firsts

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Ad Click Rev

One of my first adventures into CM (Content Marketing)

I still remember just learning how to use the CMS Joomla. It was version 1.5 and I was in love with the possibilities. Extensions for Joomla allowed you to get super creative with what you could do with a website, and with relatively little coding experience. Though styling tweaks required me to learn CSS along the way, I don’t mind as that’s a timeless skill.

For all that has come and gone, Ad Click Rev remains now as my true AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) experiment to compare results versus similar content on a non AMP page.

Mario style backgroundNow that it’s coded in straight HTML, it is a little more bulletproof than it’s predecessor. I think I’m happy about this, as it again requires a refresher of some of the basic skills that hoisted the internet out of it’s primordial ooze and into the public mind. Take a peek!