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I Loved This Concrete Contractor’s Work:

Prestige Concrete Inc in Richmond Hill does amazing work with concrete. Beyond simple asphalt and flat concrete, what Prestige does is pattern concrete and stamped designs. They also seal the driveway to make it durable for years to come.

I am greatly impressed by the idea of ‘making things last longer’ which is why I’ve opted to simply point to Prestige’s testimonial/review page. From the many local (Richmond Hill, Vaughan, York region) customers they’ve served you get a great sense of the service they proved.


It’s important to note that NOTHING says more than the ability to accumulate reviews. It takes a lot of dedicated effort on the writer’s behalf to sit down and type something out relating to a service/product they’ve received.

Here’s the link to Prestige Concrete’s Review Page

Prestige is based in Richmond Hill, but by the sounds of it, they’re definitely happy to travel roughly within the GTA, giving a wide area of concrete driveways to service with stripping, resealing, and resurfacing. It’s a wonderful day to renew your vehicle’s bed rock πŸ™‚

Example Review from Prestige’s page:

β€œIt was a good experience that I hired Prestige Concrete to do my front yard patio. Nick and his team worked hard to deliver what I wanted. They made the concrete patio match perfect with my flower bed. They Finished the job in just a few days. They made my front yard curb so appealing. They really did a great job!”
Susanna Lau, Aurora

Prestige Concrete Inc is great, and they are more focused in the Vaughan/Richmond Hill area of Ontario. If you’re in this area of Southern Ontario, that’s great, you can get in touch with Nick and have him and his crew check out your driveway, or your porch to see if there’s any special concrete work that could be done to take them to the next level.

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In the Oakville Burlington and Hamilton Area?

Need Driveway Sealing?

Just south of the above mentioned area, we find the southern tip of the Golden Horse shoe with the juggernaut area of Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton where we see a variety of home styles and driveway styles – All involving concrete and pavement in a variety of mixtures and styles.

Canadian Concrete Sealing is a traveling concrete and driveway contractor who would love to take care of your Hamilton situation. The goal of CAN-SEAL is to become your go-to guy for annual or semi-annual sealing of your driveway. Concrete sealing can be a tough gig, so hiring a local professional can be a great time saver for you and lead to a prolonged return on the visible value of your investment.

Check out what Willy can do for your driveway and home in the Hamilton area – Canadian Concrete Sealing

Remember to describe your current setup so that any concrete contractor coming to visit your home – Whether in the Burlington or Oakville area, he can be sure to come properly equipped to tackle your specific situation.

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