Ontario Barn & Farm Painters {Updated}

Very nice rustic barn pre paint
A barn in a field during a beautiful sunset

Growing up on an Ontario Farm

I grew up on a farm. There were a couple barns on the farm, as well as scattered farm equipment. All of which needed some serious TLC. When you envision a farm that has remained stagnant for over 100 years, that’s exactly the image I want to put in your brain when you think of my childhood farm.

It wasn’t pretty, but I didn’t know any better at the time. When you’re growing up, your environment is what it is, and you love it. Farm, city, town, countryside – Wherever you grow up, that is home, and it’s typically perfect. FOR YOU.

red nice barn fresh paint green roof

Things I Would Fix on the Farm (Oi, the Barns!)

Now that I’m feeling retrospective on my childhood, let’s pretend I could go back to the old farm in southern Ontario and fix up a few things.

What would they be?

  • The big wooden barn, it needs to be repaired and painting. Big time
  • All of the farm equipment needs fresh coats of strong paint. Even the tractor (That wasn’t THAT old) could use a new coat of John Deere green.
  • Farm outbuildings – Some of the smaller sheds were slanted and also in need of paint and repair. Even a couple cans of paint would be amazing.
  • The barn roof needs painting, but it’s steel. However I think that’s doable.

Those are the immediate elements of the old farm that feel like they could use a ‘once over’… Perhaps a ‘twice over’ in some instances lol.

Hamilton, Ontario Barns Farms

Is Barn Painting Service Even a Thing? (It would seem so)

In yet another astonishing discover, I see that there are huge markets for services in very niche areas. Barn painting and farm painting, for example, offers a wide enough marketplace to sustain multiple full time painters in the Southern Ontario region.

That’s remarkable. I think to my own business and see that it has a high saturation but also a giant market. I can see that. I’m just shocked because growing up on the farm, and later in a small town, you don’t see it.

Take a Drive Down a Country Road

This is where you will see the true market for these barn painters. A concession is what the country roads are typically called. That, or a ‘line’. Travel down any of these long straight roads linking together the web of our Ontario and you see barn after barn on farms, big and small.

Many have consolidated into larger entities, but they still require love and care.

The farm buildings that shelter tractors and livestock are here to stay. Re-boarding and repainting are a super way to give them extra life. In regards to paint, it’s not just about the application of color. Many of these agricultural paints have durability factors that offer increased protection to the barn from external forces of nature. Thereby protecting, and prolonging the investment.

Very nice rustic barn pre paint
A barn in a field during a beautiful sunset in Kitchener/Waterloo

Painting Services for Barns, Tractors/Equipment and Farms:

Ray Stewart Barn Painting is a third generation farming painting service and they cover all over southern Ontario, including Hamilton, and Kitchener Waterloo areas. Never have you met or talked to a nicer fellow, and more responsive business owner in the agricultural services.


They are farmers too after all, so they know just what it takes to paint it right, and make it last. John Deere green, it’s only the beginning 🙂

cartoon style tractor

There are plenty of great sources available for farm maintenance equipment. View a few examples here:

  1. Ace Hardware Wood Supplies
  2. Canadian Farm Supply
  3. Southern Ontario Coops