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Canadian winters are one of the most amazing seasons to experience in Uxbridge, Ontario.

We have beautiful landscapes year round and they’re only amplified by a nice blanket of winter snow. However, the experience could easily get overwhelming if you don’t prepare your home heating system beforehand.

Whether you’re a short-term or long-term resident of Uxbridge, you must pay attention to your home’s heating system, get it checked and serviced by a licensed heating and cooling company, and install the most appropriate heating equipment for your specific case.

Thankfully, there are several different home heating types of equipment in use across Canada, so you have the opportunity of choosing one that appeals to your needs. If you’re looking to upgrade your current home heating system or are looking for something for your new home, keep reading 🙂

Why Do You Need Home Heating Equipment?

While most people believe you need proper home heating equipment to keep your house warm, these have more uses than you may think. Keep in mind that if your home doesn’t have proper heating systems, your water lines could freeze during colder nights, causing problems such as flooding!

Overall, we need home heating equipment and proper service and maintenance of such equipment both for keeping our house warm and to keep it functioning properly over the winter. Some additional benefits of these appliances involve the following:

Less Utility Expenses

If you have the right heating system in your home in Uxbridge, you could save up a lot of money on utility expenses. Older heating systems tend to use too much fuel without reason, which is why it’s so important to keep an eye out for maintenance schedules, especially during winter. Newer heating equipment tends to be much more energy efficient than the older equipment.

No Air Leaking

Home heating systems work to circulate quality air into your home, causing a more comfortable temperature, humidity level, and feeling inside. However, if you don’t work with the correct heating system, it may let outside air go into your home, which isn’t convenient at all. On the other hand, working with the right system allows you to keep your entire property safe and comfortable.

What Are the Most Common Home Heating Options for Canadian Winters?

While there are many options available for your home at the moment, there are four options that tend to be the most popular among Canadian winters. This is because these systems have proven to be much more efficient, faster, and reliable for Uxbridge families during colder months.

We’re going to provide you with an overview of the most common home heating equipment options for Canadian winters, as well as a quick review of their pros and cons so that you have a clearer idea of what you can choose.

Natural Gas Furnaces

Furnaces have been one of the most common home heating systems for decades due to their versatility. Overall, these heating systems can work with natural gas, furnace oil, propane, or even electricity. It’s important to note that two-thirds of all Canadian homes are heated with forced-air furnaces, and two-thirds of those homes use natural gas.

All furnaces work by heating the incoming air and distributing it to different areas of your house through your duct system (part of the overall HVAC system). In the case of natural gas furnaces, the gas is responsible for generating heat inside the burner. Once the process is done, the heat passes through a heat exchanger before getting distributed through your ductwork to your individual rooms.

Important Parts

Some of the most important parts of natural gas furnaces include the following:

  • Gas burners
  • Heat exchanger
  • Blower fan
  • Draft-induced fan
  • Ignition switch
  • Flue

Furnaces are popular due to their ability to reach your entire home effectively, and because you’re free to control the temperature in any way you consider appropriate.



  • Blower fans can be extremely noisy, depending on the furnace model
  • The installation of ductwork can take up space within your walls, which can become an additional expense

PS, don’t forget to change your furnace filter often!

Air Filter Replacement Furnace

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are another popular option among Canadian homeowners since it covers an issue that furnaces don’t: The noise.

Overall, heat pumps collect heat from the outside and distribute it to the areas of your home that you prefer. Some of the most remarkable things about heat pumps include that you can control the temperature of each of your rooms individually and that you don’t need ductwork.


  • It can provide both heating and cooling
  • The heating seasonal performance factor runs from 6.5 to 10
  • It’s reliable and can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance


  • The unit may freeze under extremely cold conditions
  • You may need to install a separate unit in each room to control their temperature


While boilers are not that popular today, they’re known for being the most effective heating system you can get. As opposed to other heating systems, boilers use hot water which goes through different plumbing lines to radiate heat throughout your house.

A remarkable thing about the boiler is that it can heat air, your floor, and even objects within your property. However, the heating process tends to take much longer since you don’t have full control over it.

According to statistics, at least 24% of Canadians still use boilers in their homes, making them a reliable but diminishing option.


  • It does a great job at heating your home
  • The energy efficiency can go up to 90%
  • It can last for decades


  • It can be expensive to install
  • It requires a minimum temperature to keep the pipes from freezing


Fireplaces are considered an old-school system along with wood stoves. Overall, fireplaces use wood for burning and producing heat throughout your home. While not many households still use wood fireplaces, the newer gas fireplace models are still a decent option for keeping your house warm.


  • It’s one of the cheapest heating system options available (as long as there’s enough wood available)
  • Burning wood through a fireplace can create comfortable or “cozy” home environments


  • If you don’t have a clear flue, you may be exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning
  • It may not be able to heat your entire home, depending on how big it is
  • It’s not commonly used anymore

Fireplace Installation Service

Bottom Line

Regardless of the heating system you plan on using for your home, keep in mind you must ensure you install and maintain it properly. In these cases, hiring an experienced HVAC contractor in Uxbridge is the best choice to take since it can help you keep your heating system working at top efficiency each year.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to work on your heating system for the Canadian winter, and get your quote from our professionals!