Find the Ceiling Help You Need in Etobicoke (GTA)

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Another Day in Etobicoke

Looks like another day of steady traffic on the 401 in Etobicoke! We come by this way when we’re going to the chiropractor. Just like a chiropractor is well suited to fixing the foundation of my spine, the Ceiling Champions are equally well suited to fixing the ceiling in my Etobicoke home, and making it stucco free. Just like the way mamma intended it to be!

If you’re a local patron of the GTA, and you need work done in any of the rooms in your house, you can find the Champs on West Mall road in unit 207.

Etobicoke Ceiling Champions

Factors that lead to making Ceiling Champions an easy decision:

  • Free quotes in advance of the ceiling repair job
  • Speedy arrival and fast working
  • Clean and secured process
  • Smooth Ceilings like never before

Help for Ceiling Repair

There’s plenty of guides online for how to remove popcorn ceiling or stucco ceiling yourself, so we’ll avoid going into detail on that or provide yet another step by step guide to trying yourself.

Sometimes when it comes to home renovations, you may be much better off to just hire someone to do the job for you. I’ve said it a million time, I COULD change the oil in my car, but I’d rather give a professional $30 to take care of it for me in less time, no mess, and a guarantee that things are done right.

Stucco in the GTA

That’s exactly what you’re looking at when you need ceiling repair in Etobicoke, or any type of stucco removal. Stucco is a wretched remnant from a bygone time, and many homes that were built in Etobicoke in this time period are in a sad state of need of popcorn ceiling removal.

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Construction worker/Builder with tools. Isolated on white background

It’s not the end of the world to keep it there, but it does put unnecessary stress on your ceiling and the joists above… Plus it looks rather old school.

To source your professionals for this type of drywall and stucco work, you can check out the Renovation Directory’s category on drywall and stucco.

If you’re having trouble using the Renovation Directory, you can also check out Homestars and Yelp. These two sites are become amazing resources for finding local professionals. Yelp is no longer just for professionals after all!

Quick map to find Ceiling Champions if you’re even lazier than I am: