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No Shortage of Services

All sorts of links and goodies related to local services. I’ve owned this particular domain for several years, and never really did anything with it beyond house an email address for a coworker who couldn’t figure out his own ISP mail.

To be honest, no one should really use their ISP for email. Unless it’s Rogers or Bell – Any other little company will eventually be gobbled up by these two anyways.

My preference is to always recommend people to sign up for a Gmail or Outlook. You can access it from ANYWHERE and ANY DEVICE. That is convenience you can’t get from an ISP. Listen to me, I do pretend to know what I am talking about.

Canadian Beer Fan – Because, well, why not?


I’ve actually used the site Canadian Beer Fan for a great variety of purposes. It’s good for those random articles that really have no bearing in real life, but god bless them anyways.