Month: August 2016

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One of the Firsts

Ad Click Rev One of my first adventures into CM (Content Marketing) I still remember just learning how to use the CMS Joomla. It was version 1.5 and I was in love with the possibilities. Extensions for Joomla allowed you to get super creative with what you could do with a website, and with relatively little coding experience. Though styling tweaks required me to learn CSS along the way, I don’t mind as that’s a timeless skill. For all that has come and gone, Ad Click Rev remains now as my true AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) experiment to compare results

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Find Important News

Getting the latest news on any subject seems to be of grave importance these days. Gone are the times of waiting 24 hours for the next news cycle to being. Newspapers delivered to the front door, and evening news casts with a little bit of fluff to keep things light amidst the tragedy of the world. Important News is a site detailing the current and honest affairs of the Southern Ontario Community. Many relevant and real businesses are constantly seeking your attention and the best way to do this, is to hop on and read along! Cheers from everyone at

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