Month: July 2016

A Bunch of Bloggers

I’m dabbling in many different blogs at the moment. I know initially that sounds like I’m reading a bunch of blogs, but that is not exactly what I mean. When I say I’m dabbling, I mean I am writing and contributing to them. I enjoy blogger’s platform for it’s simplicity and ease of use. This […]

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Cloud Service

Cloud Services is NOT as it’s name suggests. This website has nothing at all to do with cloud based services. Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive are true Cloud Services that allow you to save your documents to an online storage drive so that you can access them from anywhere. The Cloud Services website really […]

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Canadian Beer Fan

No Shortage of Services All sorts of links and goodies related to local services. I’ve owned this particular domain for several years, and never really did anything with it beyond house an email address for a coworker who couldn’t figure out his own ISP mail. To be honest, no one should really use their ISP […]

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